Remember when this promo was first released and everyone flipped their shit? Everyone expected 11 to be some bad ass, broody, dark Doctor, much like 9 was. 
And then he turned out to be like this?:

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Catherine: [to cameraman] Okay, we’re gonna do this, but can you not, um, not let David in on it? ‘Cause he’s gonna… just no. Are we on, are we going? Okay. Hello, everybody, thank you so much for supporting the Laura Crane Trust Ball. I’m very sorry I can’t be there, but huge thank you to everyone who has supported the charity. Um…
David: The sponsor, main sponsor.
Catherine: Okay. I’m gonna do that, I know who—
David: Thank the main sponsor InBev UK.
Catherine: Yeah, I was just about to do that. We’d like to thank—
David: Sorry
Catherine: [to cameraman] Is he out? We’d like to thank InBev, the main sponsor for the charity.
David: InBev UK Ltd. Well, you wanna give them the right name.
Catherine: Yep! Thank you.
David: Sorry, carry on.
Catherine: Yeah, InBev UK Ltd, the main sponsor of tonight’s event.
David: Director Duncan Marsden…
Catherine: I was about to say…
David: Sure, sorry, just helping you out.
Catherine: Yeah, director Duncan Marsden. And they have made the majority of this event possible tonight and have donated a fantastic VIP holiday to Hollywood—
David: [talking over Catherine] Fantastic VIP holiday to Hollywood. Yup.
Catherine: That I know, too.
David: Yeah.
Catherine: We would also like to thank—
David: Jeremy Sutcliffe.
Catherine: Jeremy Sutcliffe.
David: From Pass the Parcel Overnight Ltd.
Catherine: From Pass the Parcel Overnight Ltd.
David: Jeremy’s company, Pass the Parcel, delivered, free of charge, all the Christmas gifts to 23 hospitals in the UK last year.
Catherine: I know! All the Christmas gifts to 23 hospitals, in the UK last year.
David: He’s agreed to support the campaign this year.
Catherine: That’s right!
David: And all the on-going support he gives throughout— he’s good, Jeremy Sutcliffe.
Catherine: I KNOW!
David: Yeah.
Catherine: That.
David: Sorry.
Catherine: Thank you, Jeremy.
David: Sorry, sorry. Carry on.
Catherine: Thank you, Jeremy. Uh, a huge thank you, obviously, to everyone who’s bought a ticket, everyone who’s there and everyone who’s gonna buy lots of presents from the auction. And to Pam and Helen, who are gonna be badgering you, probably, tonight to keep up the good work. So thank you very much.

Catherine: Okay, he wasn’t in— [to David] Hi!
David: Hi!
Catherine: Hey, how you doing?
David: I’m alright, I’m alright.
Catherine: Good.

Catherine: I was just doing the thing for… well, you know.
David: Yeah, I’m just helping you out. I’m just reading it.
Catherine: Thank you.
David: Sounds good.
Catherine: Yeah.

David: I hope they have a good night.
Catherine: Great, yeah.
David: I’ll get out your way now, sorry.
Catherine: Thank you.

Catherine: I’ve to put with this every day. Thank you.


OMG, I need to watch this.

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